Tuesday, February 1, 2011

american relief tax

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Tax Masters is a top supplier of IRS tax relief and representative services with a strong commitment to the consumer. The second quarter of 2010 proved to be better for Tax Master (TAXS.OB) as they increased their total consumer reaction time in contrast to the first quarter of the year 2010. They also experienced a surge of 2 percent in client call volumes simultaneously.

Renee Miller who is the Vice President of Tax Masters service, stated that many of their clients were feeling pressure from the IRS and a few were having liens on their savings accounts and their payroll checks garnished so the company feels the need to react as swiftly as possible to consumer calls. In addition to setting up a phone system, we collaborated with the consumer service team to be sure we were using the best methods that permitted us to react fast and give them the services they required as soon as possible.

It was reported in USA Today and the National Tax Advocate that the greatest trouble consumers have is getting someone to answer the phone at the IRS. The average wait time to answer phones at the IRS was eight minutes back in 2009 and they only responded to 64% of the calls even after this long wait. Tax Masters who handles call volume for the IRS responded to 94% of the customer calls this year and the wait was only 23 seconds in 2010.

Tax Masters can now manage and keep watch on their calls better after the company installed a Cisco Unified Communications call system back in 2009. After the system was set up, during the second quarter of 2010, around 92.3% of existing customers who called Tax Masters waited no longer than 32 seconds to talk with a representative. Quite a great improvement compared to the pre-existing system.

In the proceeding quarter of 2010, 96% of the current Tax Master consumers who phoned IRS Tax Masters service were speaking to a representative in no more than 14 seconds. This equaled a drop in 56 % of wait time as compared to the first quarter in 2010. The increase in response time is specially important since the full quantity of calls from existing customers went up by 2%.


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