Tuesday, February 1, 2011

alicante car in rental

What is alicante car in rental?

High Paying Google Adsense Keywords: Alicante, Spain and how to use it to make money
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Make every click count! Optimize your website for maximun adsense returns.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a hobby of mine. I like to take a brand new website, usually just a one or two page site, and see how rapidly I can get it in google, how high I can get it ranked and optimized for maximum CPC (cost per click) return. And I like to do it all without spending a dime.

The following keywords are related to Alicante, Spain. I don't know why these words have such a high CPC, and I don't care - my interest is in leveraging the high CPC to my own advantage. My website has a page dedicated to (optimized for) Alicante, Spain. When people find that page the google adsense ads that show up there are all related to the high paying keywords. So, whenever the ads are clicked, I benefit from the high CPC.

The keywords I use on the web page optimized for Alicante, Spain are as follows:

High Paying Google Keywords related to Alicante and the estimated CPC (cost per click) as of 2009

cars alicante $5.00

rent a car alicante $5.88

rent a car alicante airport $8.30

auriga car hire alicante $8.56

alicante rent car $9.76

hire cars alicante $15.96

car rentals alicante $18.76

cheapest alicante car hire $22.24

cheap car rental alicante $22.48

alicante car rental spain $$22.95

alicante car rental $24.33

car rental in alicante $24.83

alicante airport car rental $24.92

cheap car hire alicante $26.43

car hire alicante spain $26.83

alicante car $26.97

airport alicante car $28.40

car hire at alicante $29.01

car hire in alicante $29.20

cheap car hire alicante airport $29.59

car hire at alicante airport $30.05

car hire alicante airport $31.17

car hire from alicante $33.54

alicante car hire $34.49

car hire from alicante airport $36.02

This is only part of the information you need to actually make money with adsense. People still have to find your website. The best way to allow this to happen, organically, without spending any money on your own adsense campaign, is to use tools like GTrends (a free wordtracker tool).

GTrends will allow you to find a niche that you can use, by telling you how much competition a keyword has and how many searches there are for that keyword. This research can take a little time, but it's worth the effort to find that one keyword that will actually make you some money.

Ideally, you're looking for a keyword that has less than 30,000 competitors and receives at least 100 searches a day. According to GTrends, this makes it possible to get search engine traffic to your site, which, of course, you must have in order to make money. More about that in a minute.

If you type "Alicante" or "Alicante Spain" into the GTrends tool, you'll quickly discover that there are millions of pages optimized for those high paying keywords. You probably can't even make a dent in the stats so don't waste your time trying to optimize for those. Instead, use the GTrends tool to find a niche related to Alicante or Alicante Spain.

GTrends will return the top 100 search results related to your keyword. Click on the colorful bar graph next to any word and it will show you the number of competitors and the number of searches. Again, you're looking for 30,000 or less competitors and 100 or more searches.

Then take the new keyword suggested and run it through the adsense tool. You will need to click on a drop down menu and click on the "Show CPC" for the dollar amounts to show up. That's what you're looking for - how much your new keyword pays per click.

Using these two free tools, and my high paying keyword suggestions, you can find a niche market that you can really use to make money with adsense.

So, create a website or web page that is optimized for your new niche keyword, place your google adsense code on the page and...then what?

Getting indexed in google is the next thing you have to do. If you submit your URL to google, you could be waiting for weeks and weeks, if not months, to find your site in google.

I have discovered, by accident, HOW to get into google within 24 hours. Sometimes it only takes a few hours! I even had a website to get into google in less than 25 minutes!

This is the "secret": Go to zimbio.com, write an article, submit it. Google loves Zimbio and crawls it what must be every few minutes...you'll get into google FAST. And yes, it's free.

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