Saturday, December 4, 2010


a)     Why is a common room important for a school?
b)    How is your school common room?
c)     How is the room furnished?
d)    What kinds of facilities does the common room provide the students?

A school common room is part and parcel of a school. Students come here, take rest and make friendship. It keeps a school always fresh, live and cheerful. Our school has a big. There are chairs, tables and benches in the common room, there are a radio and a TV for the recreation of the students. Almost all the dailies, weeklies and other magazines are available here. Students come here, listen to radio, watch TV, read newspapers and discuss many things. It is a nice place of the students for indoor games. In off period the students play caroms, chess, table tennis etc. Sometimes students discuss politics here. Students never want to stay in the classes all the time. A common room plays an important role in removing the monotony of the students. Our common room is a nice and useful place indeed.


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