Saturday, December 4, 2010


a)     Who is your grandmother?
b)    What is her name?
c)     How old is she?
d)    How does she behave with you?
e)     What kind of women is he?

My grandmother’s name is Mrs Mukarun Nesa. She comes of a respectable Muslim family. She can read and write. Now she is sixty. She can move easily. She is a gentle lady. She is also very kind to the poor. She takes great care of all the members of the family. My grandmother loves me very much. In my childhood she used to tell me fine stories and I would sleep beside her. She has brought me up. For this reason whenever I become sick, she becomes very anxious. But her face beams with joy when I come round. She wants to see me happy. She takes care of my education. During my childhood my grandmother uses to teach me the letters of Bangla, English and Arabic. Even today if my parents scold me for any fault of mine, they are taken to task seriously by my grandmother. My grandmother is really a nice woman.


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